Business Model

At Hamilton Group Funding, our model is framed around unsurpassed service and open communication with a belief that stellar operations and down-to-earth management are the keys to helping you grow your business.

Unmatched Service

We process, underwrite and close all files internally. Our proven operational process provides responsive turn times that exceed expectations allowing you to focus on building relationships and growing your clientele.

Industry-leading Compensation

An aggressive and complete package that yields higher pay through various compensation plans and offers great benefits for you and your family.

Products and Programs

In a market where “one size does not fit all,” we offer solutions that assist you in meeting client needs, capturing business, and establishing real estate agent relationships. With our competitive pricing – you can be confident that you will deliver interest rates that win new business and retain existing clientele.

Best in Class Technology

Equipped with Encompass and Optimal Blue, what else is there to say? Your efficiency and effectiveness are maximized and your clients experience a seamless process. Hamilton Group Funding was awarded the Tech Savvy award for our innovative use of technology within the mortgage industry.

Marketing Support

At no charge, you will have access to a full suite of interactive marketing tools and collateral that can be customized to help you cultivate business, attract new referral partners, and close more loans. We also have an agency ready to assist you with any custom marketing project you need for your marketplace.

More Support

  • Concierge-level transition team
  • Dedicated live help desk staffed by seasoned experts and underwriters
  • Tax return analysis and interpretation
  • Scenario and skinny file review
  • Product placement support
  • 48-hour underwriting decisions and 24-hour conditions review
  • Online, real-time branch financial statements
  • “Almost Home Express Loan Commitment” credit-only underwriting approvals

Hamilton Group Funding gives you the tools you need from our mobile app to personalized marketing support. 

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Interested in a partnership opportunity?

Hamilton Group Funding will provide all the back-room support and operations to allow you to focus on building sales and relationships.